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Adult Speech and Language Therapist for North Wicklow

Date: 13 January 2021

Deputy Steven Matthews received a letter this week from the HSE confirming that after years without one, there is an active recruitment process for an adult speech and language therapist that will cater for north Wicklow.

Discussing the letter, Deputy Matthews said,

“This is an issue that I have been pushing for since the start of the summer after meeting with the wife of the victim of an acquired brain injury who required speech and language therapy. She outlined in detail the lack of services for those broadly in Wicklow but highlighted north Wicklow in particular due to the complete lack of public services. Ultimately, she had to go down the private route at great expense and that simply isn’t good enough. Her husband is just one of many people in North Wicklow who after an accident, illness or other reasons have been let down by the lack of HSE funded speech and language therapy to help them through their recovery.

“I won’t name the lady I spoke with, but she deserves enormous credit for the tireless work she has done on this issue, lobbying the HSE, local TDs and various Ministers to advocate for the need of this service in north Wicklow. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with her regularly since our first meeting and her tenacity and determination is incredible despite the hardships that she and her husband have faced.

“Following months of calls, emails and letters to both the Department of Health and the HSE that I made on behalf of this family and all those who require this service, it’s hugely welcome news that they are finally facilitating a recruitment process. Like all things, I expect that this process has been hindered by the Covid restrictions but I will continue to work with the HSE to expedite any delays so that this service can be made available to those who desperately need it as soon as possible” concluded Deputy Matthews.



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