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An Tairseach Wicklow celebrates 25 years

‘I was delighted to visit Sister Marian and her Dominican Sisters colleagues at ‘An Tairseach’ organic farm and ecology centre in Wicklow Town this week to celebrate their 25 years as a centre for ecological sustainability’ said Green TD Steven Matthews.

‘An Tairseach means ‘the Threshold’ and when you enter the centre you are crossing into special place which is deeply committed to peace, science, sustainability, protection of nature and climate action’.

‘We were provided with an overview of the 25 years of evolution of the centre and then brought on a tour of the organic gardens, greenhouses, farm and beautiful farm shop brimming with their carefully grown local produce and organic meats by their experienced and dedicated horticulturists and farmers’.

‘It was a hugely enjoyable tour and great to see their progress, having last toured ‘An Tairseach’ in 2008 with my then Green Party colleague Minister for Food and Horticulture Trevor Sargent. We were then treated to a beautiful meal, prepared by Wicklow Naturally and Arklow chef Tadhg Byrne and all sourced from the farm and garden. You couldn’t possibly get more locally produced food!’

The Dominican Sisters describe An Tairseach as ‘An educational and cultural hub, a haven for wildlife, a source of the healthiest and tastiest fresh food available, and an iconic canvas of green organic fields above Wicklow Town, An Tairseach is an invitation to everyone to respond as positively as they can to the environmental crisis, to try to live out a deeper grasp of their position in the web of life, a deeper connection to our planetary home and all the other lifeforms that share’.

‘I want to thank everyone who has worked to develop the centre over the past 25 years, it is an ecological jewel in the Wicklow crown. They are protecting nature, providing employment and education and opportunities to learn about sustainability and develop an appreciation of locally produced food. If you ever want quality, organic local produce, the An Tairseach farm shop is one of the best places to go’, concluded Deputy Matthews.



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