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Free Solar for Wicklow Schools

I’m delighted to confirm that Wicklow schools will be among the first to receive free solar panels. County Wicklow is one of the first counties to be included in the first phase of funding that will eventually provide free solar panels to all schools in the country.

Wicklow schools will be in the first phase of counties to have solar panels installed. This wasn’t an easy process and required significant work behind the scenes to get to this point. The removal of planning permission for solar panels was a huge hurdle and it means that schools get the ball rolling on their solar applications much faster than they could have otherwise.

The provision of free solar panels for schools is a very practical measure that the Green Party introduced in Budget 2023 to assist schools with rising energy costs. Schools are at the centre of our communities here in County Wicklow, and it makes sense that schools will be at the forefront of Ireland's solar rollout. The transition to renewable energy sources will allow schools to reduce their energy bills and take action on climate change.

I have been assured that the information provided to schools will make it clear how to apply, the timelines for completion and how the funding can be drawn down. The Department of Education has set up School Hub, a new online school community engagement platform that schools can liaise with on any teething issues.

The solar PV panels in schools will also be connected to the electricity grid, so that solar energy can power other homes and businesses when schools are closed at weekends and during school holidays.


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