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Funding for Assessment of Potential Wicklow Town Greenway

Date: 17 December 2021

"Very positive news this morning with the announcement of €350,000 funding provided by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to carry out an in-depth assessment of the viability of a Greenway route between Greystones and Wicklow Town.

"I have been working with various residents groups regarding the proposals for this Greenway Route in recent months and I am fully aware of the environmental concerns, particularly in relation to the potential biodiversity damage that the implementation of this Greenway may have.

"I have been assured by both the Department of Transport and TII that this funding will in part be used to carry out a full environmental impact assessment of the various routes and will seek to put forward a plan that causes the least amount of impact possible.

"This environmental assessment is an incredibly important step, and it is vital that all potential routes are fully assessed. I look forward to engaging further with resident groups, businesses and the Wicklow Town team in the new year and I know there will be some concerns not only in relation to biodiversity but other matters in relation to this sensitive environmental landscape.

"All these issues will be investigated as part of the overall viability assessment of this project and the input of local stakeholders will make up an integral part of the final report.

"A green route from Greystones to Wicklow has the potential to bring huge economic and tourism benefits to Wicklow Town and combined with my proposal to extend the DART to the town, these projects are examples of much more positive investment in the area than has been seen in recent years.

"I look forward to working with various Government Departments in the new year seeking as many funding opportunities for the area as possible.



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