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Green Party TD Steven Matthews Calls for Pollinator-Friendly ‘Buzz Stops’ in Wicklow

Green Party TD Steven Matthews has called on the National Transport Authority to consider installing ‘buzz boxes’ with pollinator-friendly plants and flowers on the roofs of bus shelters in County Wicklow. First introduced in the Netherlands, these green areas can help to support declining bee populations. Proposing ‘buzz stops’ for County Wicklow, Deputy Matthews said:

“This is an excellent idea which will help our native bee species to thrive. Buzz stops have become increasingly popular across towns and cities in the UK and Europe. As well as providing much-needed food and shelter for our endangered pollinator species, these boxes on top of bus shelters are a vibrant and colourful addition to our urban and rural town centres.

“I have written to the NTA to ask them to research the installation of ‘buzz stops’ across County Wicklow. This is a simple and effective measure which will support our local environment. If anyone would like to find out more about ‘buzz stops’, I would encourage them to get in touch with me directly and I will offer any support I can.

“Wicklow County Council is Ireland’s leading local authority on climate action and protection of the environment. I am delighted that a Biodiversity Officer will be appointed to Wicklow County Council and I look forward to working with them and my colleagues in Government on the implementation of pollinator-friendly initiatives across the County.



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