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Greens Secure 0% VAT Rate for Solar Panels

Green TD Steven Matthews has welcomed the new 0% vat rate for the supply and installation of solar panels to private dwellings. This move, which was announced by Green Party Minister Eamon Ryan this week, will reduce the cost of installing solar facilities by up to €1,000. This is just the most recent breakthrough the Green Party has achieved in Government to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

Speaking after the announcement, Deputy Matthews said:

“This is wonderful news for people in Wicklow who are dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our country. As we continue to experience high energy costs, it now makes even more sense to move away from environmentally damaging and costly sources of energy towards renewable alternatives. I hope that this move will encourage people around Wicklow to start to take greater control of their energy costs by harnessing the power of the sun – providing for their own needs first, with the additional bonus of getting paid for excess energy that they might produce.

“We have the potential for lots of solar power in Ireland, but very few solar panels generating electricity. The reason for that has little to do with our weather or perceived lack of sun, and everything to do with barriers put up by financial costs and red tape. I am regularly contacted by people in Wicklow who would love to make the move to solar but are deterred by the high costs of installation. The complete reduction in VAT for solar facilities is a very welcome step in making it easier for people to make the move to solar. I can’t wait to see even more solar panels on rooftops across Wicklow as we continue to lead the way in Ireland’s Rooftop Revolution.

“The Green Party has always led and will continue to lead on climate issues and the ambition to ensure a sustainable future for Ireland. We matched those ambitions with the climate actions act, the most ambitious piece of climate legislation in the history of the state. The abolishment of VAT for solar facilities is just one of several measures secured by the Green Party to achieve our ambitious climate targets. Free solar panels for every school, slashed public transport fees and historic investments in bus and rail fleets are to name just a few of the pioneering measures which we have introduced. I look forward to continuing this work in the future ,” Deputy Matthews concluded.



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