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"Kilbride GAA are the model club" says Matthews

‘Kilbride GAA club and their team of volunteers are an inspiration to us all’ said Green TD Steven Matthews at the official launch of the Manor Kilbride Playground.

‘I was delighted to be invited to the launch of what I regard as the model for all our rural GAA clubs and communities. Its not just a football club, it’s a community hub, it’s a top-class playground, there’s a walking track, picnic benches, tree planting and a community coffee shop and all led and delivered by a dedicated and committed local community’.

‘I met with the team behind this 2 years ago to see how best I could support them. I loved their vision of inclusivity, something for everyone in the locality, a central point for the community. Even if you never kicked a ball or swung a hurley there is something here for you, of all ages. I helped them with a sports capital grant to allow them to proceed with the next big phase which is the construction of a club house with cross community facilities. The volunteer group have such drive and ambition and it was such a pleasure to be present to see the playground launched. It has been hard work, driven by dedicated community leaders and tremendous generosity from locals and skilled volunteers and who have given their time, expertise, and donations. So many people were involved, led by Diarmuid Huaghian right down to the local youngsters such as 12-year-old club member Lorelei who is making and selling candles to raise funds for the project’.

‘The next stage will see a clubhouse being built and some additional features and I am with them all the way on this project. When I was first asked to meet to look at the plans I could see the potential, the enthusiasm and the inspirational rural community spirit that exists in Manor Kilbride and I committed to help in a way I could’.

‘The playground launch was a huge success, the sun shone, we had a barbecue, the crowds were out and the children filled the playground while the football team practiced on their recently developed new playing pitch. I want to offer my congratulations and gratitude to all involved in Kilbride GAA club in this exciting development, we know our GAA clubs are at heart of our rural communities and this is the model. If any other clubs or sports groups are seeking guidance or assistance, please get in touch with me’ concluded Deputy Steven Matthews



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