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Matthews Calls for Common Sense Approach to the Use of Vacant HSE buildings in Wicklow

Green TD Steven Matthews has issued a renewed call for the transfer of viable vacant or derelict HSE buildings to Wicklow voluntary groups who are in need of permanent facilities. Deputy Matthews has engaged directly with the HSE and Wicklow County Council to request that they enter into long term leasing agreements for unused HSE buildings for the purpose of community use.

Speaking on the matter, Deputy Matthews said:

“In recent months I have been in contact with several community and voluntary groups around Wicklow. An issue which was raised with me time and time again was the reliance on community and parish halls as a temporary residence for groups. This comes with inherent problems in terms of finding suitable booking slots and added administration difficulties for organisers.

“These groups play an invaluable role in our communities, and it is so important that we support them in any way that we can. The transfer of unused HSE buildings to the council under long-term leasing agreements would make perfect sense and would be a practical use of existing publicly owned property. This move would have significant benefits, namely the removal of unsightly vacant buildings from the streets of our towns and villages, but more importantly it would give these incredibly important groups a permanent home.

“Around Wicklow, I am aware of a number of empty HSE buildings which I am sure would be greatly beneficial to community groups in their area. I have been in direct contact with the HSE property manager for the Wicklow area requesting that they meet with representatives of Wicklow County Council to discuss the potential transfer of vacant buildings to the council. I am delighted that both sides have agreed to engage in discussions on this matter and I hope that productive solutions will be reached soon, and we will see the operation of buildings with potential for community use and activities undertaken by the council soon,” concluded Deputy Matthews.



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