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Matthews Calls for Urgent Review into Hospital Parking Charges

Green TD Steven Mathews has requested a review into hospital parking charges and has called for a free parking pass to be given to charity and voluntary groups that bring patients to and from hospital appointments.

Discussing the issue, Deputy Matthew said:

“In recent months, I have been fortunate enough to witness first-hand the incredible work that volunteer groups such as Rathdrum Cancer Support Group do for their communities. One of their most crucial undertakings is the pickup and drop off service which they provide to their members who are unable to transport themselves to the hospital for treatment. I was extremely disappointed to learn that the financial cost of hospital parking charges falls on these volunteer organisations, oftentimes, on the volunteers themselves.

“I acknowledge that there is an ongoing review into the parking charge system as a whole, however in the short term I am calling on the HSE create a free pass for these volunteers and volunteer groups so that they can carry out their selfless work without facing financial strain. While I am aware that the HSE is dealing with many issues at present, the introduction of such a pass would be a small, easy to implement change to ease a significant burden on these groups. I believe that an intervention from the HSE in the matter would be broadly welcomed and I will continue to work towards getting this resolved.

“If any local healthcare groups want to get in touch to discuss this matter, I would be happy to meet with them, concluded Deputy Matthews.



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