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Matthews confirms operation of school pedestrian crossing on Farrankelly Road (R774)

Green Party TD Steven Matthews has received confirmation that the new pedestrian crossing on the R744 road - serving Greystones Community National School will be operational this week. “There is heavy footfall in this area especially with the return to school and it is disappointing it has taken this long to install this much needed safe crossing point” said Deputy Matthews.

“I was contacted by residents last year to enquire about traffic management and pedestrian safety maters when the new school was due to open. The area has quite good pedestrian and cycling infrastructure but there was an obvious weak point around the lack of a safe crossing point on the R744 near the school.

“I checked back on the planning applications over the years and noted that a pedestrian crossing was a condition of a 2019 planning application for a residential development in the area. Subsequently, I liaised with Greystones Municipal District and contacted that developer to request that the work be carried out as soon as possible due to the urgency brought about by the new school opening and the need to create a safe route to school.

“It has taken far too long for this planning condition to be implemented and it may have been completely ignored until I intervened and went through the planning files”

“Road safety for cyclists and pedestrians and safe routes to school is a priority for me for all areas across Wicklow and I would encourage anyone with a concern or idea for how we can improve safety for our children cycling and walking to school to get in touch.

“The Green Party has secured unprecedented multi annual funding for cycling and walking infrastructure, matched with staff resources within our local authorities which will see huge improvements for vulnerable roads users over the coming years and I will continue my work to ensure Wicklow gets the safety improvements we need, concluded Deputy Matthews.



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