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Matthews Encourages Students to Double Check SUSI Qualification

Green Party TD has called on all Wicklow students who plan to study or continue a third level degree in the coming academic year to check their eligibility for the SUSI grant. This follows significant changes to the qualifying criteria this year. This includes increases to household income limits for both the standard and special rate of funding to include more potential applicants, an increase in the level of income students can earn outside of term time and an increase in the maximum level of the college fee grant.

Encouraging students to check their eligibility, Deputy Matthews said:

“Following a meeting with representatives from SUSI, I was extremely encouraged to see the improvements and increased eligibility this year. I completely understand that many people’s minds will be focused on exams, summer jobs and holidays but the new college year won’t be long coming around and the positive changes made to the grant have been designed to bring in as many people as possible into the qualifying criteria.

“The changes in income criteria this year will bring in a cohort of students that never would have qualified for any funding previously, which includes households with a gross income up to €100,000 per year. While it may not cover the full cost of fees, many people will now qualify for a partial fee payment.

“There have also been changes made to the special rate of funding which affects students from lower income households and again, this is designed to offer support to more applicants than ever and reflects the impact of the increased cost of living.

“Applications are already open vis the SUSI website; the deadline for priority applications is July 6th and while applications will be accepted right up until October, I would encourage applicants to have their submission in as early as possible.

“I receive queries every summer from worried students and families so I would encourage applicants to engage with representatives from SUSI, who have greater staff and resources this year to cater for an expected increase in applications. I am also more than happy to help with any appeals of related issues and would ask anyone in that boat to contact me directly, concluded Deputy Matthews.


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