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Matthews minds your bike

Green TD Steven Matthews is concerned about bike theft and is working with Gardai and Irish Rail to improve CCTV coverage around Greystones DART station.

‘I have been approached by local residents concerned that the CCTV coverage around bike parking places at the railway is insufficient’ said Deputy Matthews ‘I have surveyed the area and been in contact with Irish Rail management who have in turn been in contact with the Gardai and I am expecting an improvement and expansion of the security system’.

‘The Greens negotiated a huge increase in the delivery of safe cycling infrastructure, improved grants to purchase bikes, massive resources for local authorities to design and deliver the infrastructure and money for schools for proper bicycle shelters. I also want safe secure and sheltered facilities for cyclists who commute from our rail stations’ said Matthews.

‘Its not much to ask that a valuable bike can be sheltered and locked safely and that the racks have good CCTV to deter theft. We have seen a huge return to public transport use following Covid, due to improved services and a massive reduction in rail fares and I want to encourage users to walk and cycle to transport hubs like Greystones Railway Station. So many people are availing of e-bike grants and the bike to work scheme allowance as well as a huge interest in e-scooters and I am committed to providing the safe routes, cycle paths and shelters for users. This is climate action, but we can’t expect people to ditch the car or even use it a little less if we don’t provide attractive alternatives’.

‘There is funding available through the NTA and the county council to install bike shelters and racks across our towns, at our clubhouses and our transport hubs and I would be happy to assist anyone seeking good secure and safe parking for their bikes. My advice is to invest in two good bike locks and try to park and lock it at a secure well-lit location. The bike racks at Greystones DART station are perfect and with the improved CCTV it will be an ideal location close to bus, rail and main street shops’ concluded Deputy Matthews



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