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Matthews requests urgency from Council to open the Cliff Walk

Green Party TD Steven Matthews has requested faster action to repair and reopen the hugely popular Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk. ‘It has been closed for far too long’ said Matthews ‘and I have been in touch with the Chief Executive of Wicklow County Council and the engineers in Bray and Greystones to seek faster action and offer my assistance with reopening the popular walking route’.

‘I served on the Cliff Walk Management Committee over the years when I was a county councillor and we carried out some great improvements to drainage, fencing and surfacing to improve accessibility so its deeply disappointing see no action over the last few years to address the current issues. I understand that there is significant engineering and possible re-routing required and I have offered to assist the Council with my support through working with Government departments and Irish Rail where necessary. There is rock stabilisation work required at the Bray side above the walk and substantial slippage on the Greystones side below the walk which will require repair or possible rerouting. The route has been closed for over 2 years and whilst I don’t underestimate the works required, I do question why it has taken so long to employ the engineering solutions to give us back access to the most popular local and tourist attraction in North Wicklow.

'The Cliff Walk is a stunningly beautiful walking route that thousands of people enjoy on a weekly basis and it is unacceptable that it has been left abandoned and closed for too long. I am offering every assistance to the Council and I am confident that we can work together to get it reopened sooner for all the residents of Greystones and Bray to enjoy again’, concluded Deputy Matthews



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