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Matthews seeks better weekend DART service for Greystones

Green TD Steven Matthews has sought an improved weekend frequency of rail service for Greystones.

Following the launch of the draft DART timetable consultation, Deputy Matthews has contacted the NTA and Irish Rail to ask them to consider how to implement a half hourly Saturday service for Greystones.

‘I am seeking a better weekend service for Greystones. The service Monday to Friday is around half hourly but on Saturdays it reverts to an hourly service. I’ve contacted the NTA pointing out that a half hourly service is possible on Saturdays with a little bit of rescheduling across the DART south timetable. Seeking views from interested parties is what a draft timetable consultation is for and I would urge Greystones residents to submit a similar request to the NTA. Greystones station is right in the town centre, well served by bus and easily accessible by cycling and walking from many parts of the town. We should be providing a better service to encourage use of public transport and in my view, a one-hour Saturday service is not good enough. I understand that driver recruitment and training is ongoing and that this service improvement will require extra services and drivers, but the improvement should be implemented as soon as possible’

The DART south coastal project will increase the service to 6 trains per hour. That project requires some fairly significant engineering works and will take some time but it’s relatively easy to now improve the weekend service and I’ll work with the NTA and Irish Rail to deliver that for Greystones residents’ said Matthews.



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