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Matthews Welcomes Launch of Leave No Trace Campaign

Date: 14 September 2021

The campaign was launched by Minister Noonan and Leave No Trace Ireland. The three year strategic plan will focus on encouraging responsible enjoyment of outdoor areas and will put emphasis on the importance of maintaining these shared areas, keeping them rubbish free and the collective responsibility we have in maintaining some of the incredible public areas and facilities available to us. Discussing the campaign, Deputy Matthews said:

“This is the kind of initiative that frequently arose during my time on Wicklow County Council so to see it getting national coverage with support of Minister Noonan is hugely welcome. Often these campaigns are launched each summer – encouraging people to take their rubbish home or to not light fires among other messages but this 3-year, detailed proposal goes beyond that.

“The Leave No Trace Strategic Plan includes research proposals, a commitment to produce a yearly report into areas that need further investment, a support for environmental projects and an emphasis on engaging with key stakeholders including community and business representatives that seeks to create a fully integrated approach.

“The importance of having open, clean and attractive heritage sites for individuals and families to visit came to the forefront of all of our minds during various stages of lockdown but this onus on maintaining these areas needs to stay.

“There needs to be this collective approach and it’s about bringing people with you. This is about changing attitudes and emphasising the importance of our shared heritage – be that a park, a forest, or a historical site. They all make up the fabric of our shared communities and must but maintained so that we can all enjoy them, concluded Deputy Matthews.

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