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New safety measures at busy Bray junction

Deputy Steven Matthews is delighted to announce progress on his long held ambition to provide safe crossing points at the Sidmonton Road/Putland Road junction in Bray. Works are expected to begin in the coming weeks to provide signalised traffic controls, making the junction safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

“Pedestrians who walk this route will know just how difficult it is to cross at this at any part of this junction when there can be traffic approaching from up to four different directions. For drivers too there it can be confusing when approaching from the minor roads and many incidents and near misses have been recorded at this location over the years. As well as being the main walking route to the seafront for the southern end of Bray, a great number of school children use this route to get to one of the many schools along the Vevay Road. Apart from the pedestrian crossing at the very top of the hill, there is nowhere else to cross along the entire stretch of Putland Road. This will only intensify when the development goes ahead in the old Pres grounds.

“I’m grateful to Bray Municipal District for working with me to get this across the line. This will complement nicely the work being done by Cllr Erika Doyle to provide safe crossing options at Albert Avenue and the Lower Dargle Road, making the Bray East district safer for pedestrians and car users, and in particular vulnerable road users  - children, older people and people with disabilities or mobility issues.”




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