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New Wicklow Bus Services

Matthews announces improved & new Wicklow to Bray bus service

Good news for Wicklow commuters as the 133 bus service is set for a new much improved schedule and timetable and a new 1 hourly 131 service between Wicklow and Bray. Also improvements to Wicklow to Arklow service including an east-west Arklow to Sallins bus service via Wicklow and Blessington

I recently received confirmation from the NTA that Bus Eireann has been selected for the contract to provide these new 131 & 133 routes.

The 133 will now bypass Bray, thereby reducing journey time to Dublin by approximately 10 minutes and a new 131 will run hourly between Wicklow and Bray DART station.

Here's the route for the new 133 which will

bypass Bray and saves on journey time for Wicklow to Dublin.

and smaller map shows what is being by-passed

The new 131 bus will serve Wicklow to Bray DART station every hour.

With coordinated timetabling this can provide a 30 minute service either 131 or 133 from Wicklow northbound.

Arklow - South and West bus service

And its not just about Wicklow northbound, there will be a big improvement to the current 133L serving Wicklow to Arklow, have a look at this map showing the flexibility and options this will offer Wicklow residents to south and west.

This is one of two east west bus links for Wicklow, the other being route 800 Arklow Station to Carlow

Further plans to improve the entire bus fleet and infrastructure will include new bus shelters and new single deck modern fleet.

The single deck buses will be equipped as follows:

Capacity for 49 seated passengers (no standees)

Forward nearside service door equipped with manual wheelchair ramp, offside emergency door

Permanent wheelchair space

Internal luggage racking

Individual high-backed passenger seats fitted with age-adjustable seatbelts

Passenger Information System

Wi-Fi & Air-conditioning & USB power supply sockets at each seat

CCTV camera system

The new service will become operational early next year.

I have been contacted by so many residents over the years who seek better public transport and an alternative to car use. I am committed to improving bus and rail services throughout Wicklow, expanding rural services, and bringing the DART service to Wicklow Town. This latest announcement is another positive step for Wicklow commuters. Please contact me for further details and other information on Wicklow public transport improvement plans.

Coming next - the DART to Wicklow Town!



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