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Public Access to Wicklow Head Lighthouse Closed

Deputy Steven Matthews, Green Party TD for Wicklow, has criticised the recent closure of the access path to Wicklow Head Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was constructed in 1781 and has provided a walkway with breath-taking coastal views for generations of locals and visitors to the area.

Speaking following his visit to the site last week, Deputy Matthews said:

“This is one of the most enjoyable and scenic walks in Wicklow. The lighthouse is an incredible heritage building and the walking route brings you down to the old lighthouse station providing amazing views over the Irish Sea. I was disappointed to learn that the site had been closed to public access.

“I was contacted by several local residents who were concerned by this development. When I visited the area, I found that a large fence had been erected and that a security guard was present.

“This situation also occurred last year but was resolved and access was reinstated. I have written to Wicklow County Council to seek clarification on access rights and landownership, and I hope a resolution can be found that will restore pedestrian access for all to enjoy.

“I understand that the landowners are seeking to protect their land from trespassing and that they have concerns regarding liability, but this site has a clear access path and has strong cultural and heritage significance for Wicklow. It is incredibly disheartening for visitors and locals with their children to be turned back and refused access to this iconic Wicklow landmark”, Deputy Matthews concluded.



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