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Return of Hollywood Bus Stop

The return of the long-awaited Hollywood Bus Stop has finally been announced says Green Party TD Steven Matthews. ‘I have been working nonstop with Wicklow County Council, the NTA, the Department of Transport, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, and Councillor Patsy Glennon for a few years on funding and design to have this bus stop reinstated and the creation of safe pedestrian access and stopping zone for bus services’.

The final design will include a park and ride area, traffic calming, improved sight lines and safe stopping zones for the bus, secure bike parking and good pedestrian accessibility and lighting.

‘Hollywood deserves this investment to assist residents and visitors use public transport and to safely walk, cycle or drive to the stop and a place to securely leave their car or bike’.

‘I think this will be approached in two phases’ said Matthews ‘the first stage is to get the bus stops, shelters, sight lines, crossing points and traffic calming measures in quickly and I am confident that TII will fund that very soon. The second stage will address the park and ride, secure bike parking and good pedestrian linkage and will involve the NTA’.

‘A little further north at Blessington I have also received good news on safety improvement measures at the N81 and Burgage Mor Road. I have met with concerned residents a few times over the last 2 years with a view to putting in traffic calming, a safe crossing point for the bus stops and improving sight lines and speed limits. It’s a busy route for schoolchildren, traffic moves fast and there are more houses going into the area, so TII are agreeable to safety measures. The next step is to secure funding and produce a design and I am working with the council engineers on both of these aspects’.

‘Safety improvements on the N81 are a priority for me as is delivering the Blessington Inner Relief Road. Taking the traffic off the Main Street in Blessington will allow us to really improve pedestrian safety, create a nicer calmer street for residents and this will be good for local business, children and elderly residents walking to school, shops, and community services’ concluded Deputy Matthews.



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