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Roundwood needs an extra bus service

Green TD Steven Matthews has proposed to the National Transport Authority, a new bus service for Laragh/Roundwood to Bray Railway Station under the Connecting Ireland rural bus scheme. Discussing the proposal, Deputy Matthews outlined:

‘I have contacted the NTA outlining my research to support the provision of a new service and asked that this route be included in the expansion of national rural bus services currently underway.

‘Connecting Ireland already proposes an expansion of the 183 route which will provide a full East West service from Blessington via Roundwood and Wicklow Town to Arklow and a 181 route serving Glendalough to the City Centre however there is no service to the transport hub at Bray Railway Station. I am proposing a 182 route running from Laragh to Bray, thus providing opportunities for residents to enjoy public transport to work, college, recreation and community services’ said Deputy Matthews.

‘The residents in the area are heavily car dependent because of the lack of regular and affordable public transport placing a social and financial cost on families. Roundwood has grown over the years and many new young families have moved to this beautiful village and surrounding areas.

‘The provision of better public transport across Co Wicklow is a priority for me and I have worked closely with the Minister for Transport, the NTA and Wicklow County Council to ensure that Wicklow gets the investment that was lacking in the past. I have worked well with the National Transport Authority over the years and successfully secured reduced rail fares for Greystones residents as well as the major commitment to provide a DART extension to Wicklow Town.

‘Last year I attended the launch of Connecting Ireland with Minister Eamon Ryan and NTA Chief Executive Ann Graham at Glendalough and we discussed how we can improve on bus services throughout Ireland. My suggestion for a service from Roundwood to Bray has been supported by any resident I have discussed it with, and I know that the demand for a good bus service exists.

‘We have seen many success stories across the country where an increase in service creates big uptake in patronage where residents are provided with a good alternative to the environmental and financial costs of car use. Full details of the proposal for Connecting Ireland are on the NTA website or I would be happy to send on details if anyone wishes to contact me directly on’ concluded Deputy Matthews.



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