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Successful Green Party Convention Takes Place in Athlone

The Green Party’s annual convention, hosted in Athlone, gave attendees the opportunity to reflect on the many goals the party has achieved in Government according to Green TD Steven Matthews.

Speaking after attending the event, Deputy Matthews said:

“I was delighted to be able to attend this our convention which served as a reminder of all the successful initiatives promoted by the Green Party to date. Throughout the weekend there were many excellent discussions but I was particularly eager to take part in the housing panel. This panel allowed our party to lay out our commitment to our core housing policies such as cost rental housing schemes and returning vacant and derelict habitable units to the housing stock.

“We, as a party, are proud of our track record in government thus far. Historic cuts to childcare costs, public transport fare reductions and record investment in national retrofitting schemes are just a couple of examples of the changes we have introduced which I find most encouraging. We have delivered long lasting, meaningful support to help people through what is an extremely challenging period. There are no quick fixes to the challenges we are facing, but seeing the motivation of the people at this convention, who had come from all over Ireland shows just how committed the Green Party is to working towards inclusive, sustainable and enduring solutions for everyone,” Deputy Matthews concluded



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